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Wi-Fi AP Cover for Meraki MR Access Points
Ventev’s new Wi-Fi AP Cover is designed to accommodate the Meraki MR32, MR34, and MR42 access points. This enclosure is designed for indoor use to protect the MR32, MR34, and MR42 access points from damage caused by tampering or theft. The enclosure, made from polypropylene material, is durable, extremely affordable and is simple to install. The solid cover prevents visual access to the AP in a visually-pleasing and stealthy solution. It is perfect for a variety of applications where a tamper-proof and aesthetically-pleasing design is critical. 
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Onderdeel: 582996
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Garantie: 2 jaar
Geschikt voor: Binnen
Montage: Ceiling or Wall Mount
Materiaal: Polypropylene
Locking: Screw On
Voeding: Nee
Type deur: Solid