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Specialist in WiFi

Signalus specializes in professional products for Wi-Fi applications. After years of experience in successful design of large and complex Wi-Fi networks, we have selected the best products in the market for you at an excellent price-quality ratio. With our products you can deploy any Wi-Fi network in any environment. Where equipment manufacturers offer a small selection of products, we offer a full range of products that suits your needs for a custom design.

We supply a wide range of complementary products for Wi-Fi installations. Our offer consists of antennas, cabling, enclosures, mounting solutions and lightning arrestors. All our products are delivered complete, ie an antenna comes with an adjustable mounting bracket.

Signalus has partnered with Ventev Wireless Infrastructure to bring a powerful portfolio of wireless infrastructure components and turn-key solutions from TerraWave Solutions (Wi-Fi enclosures, antennas, and cable assemblies), Ventev (integrated power and outdoor solutions), and Wireless Solutions (base station infrastructure). Also products from Terrawave, Ventev and Tessco which are not advertised on this website are available. To design, build and troubleshoot a WLAN environment, we refer you to our partner WiFi specialist Signalutions.