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Single-Axis Co-Locating Mount with I-Beam Clamps for Cisco 2800/3800 Access Points and Wi-Fi Antennas
Ventev’s Single-Axis Co-Locating Mount with I-Beam Clamp for Cisco 3802e access point (AP) and TerraWave antennas is an elegant solution designed to simplify deployments, improve network performance, and to present an aesthetic appearance. The Co-Locating Mount eliminates long coaxial cable runs between AP and external antenna, and the I-beam clamp enables fast, simple attachment to overhead I-beams. The antenna mounting tray articulates +/- 55 degrees for precise beam positioning, and places the access point and antenna inches apart to reduce signal attenuation, significantly improving network performance. The AP and the cables are concealed behind the antenna for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
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