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Outdoor Bollard w Octagonal Cap NEMA 3R RF Transparent UV-Resistant Heavy Gage ALM Anchor Base Fiberglass Radome PC mounting Structure
Ventev's compact, aesthetically pleasing Outdoor Wireless Bollard enables seamless Wi-Fi and wireless communications in any outdoor environment such as in courtyards, along walkways, and across campuses. Constructed of durable, RF-transparent, UV-resistant fiberglass and polycarbonate, the NEMA 3R-rated Bollard is designed to protect and secure most Wi-Fi access points, antennas, switches, media converters and power supplies from harsh weather and tampering. Includes built-in cable management.
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Behoort tot: Enclosures | Indoor/Outdoor |
Onderdeel: 212287
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Garantie: 1 Jaar
Compatible Access Points: AIR-AP1562E, AIR-AP1852E, AIR-AP1852I, AIR-AP2802E, AIR-AP2802I, C9115AXE, C9115AXI, C9117AXI, C9120AXE, C9120AXI, C9130AXE, C9130AXI, MR46E, MR76, MR86, AP305CX, AP-504, AP510CX, AP-514, AP-518, AP-534
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Materiaal: Polycarbonate