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NEW! 2.4/5 GHz 4-Port Junction Box Wi-Fi Antenna RPSMA
Ventev’s TerraWave 2.4/5 GHz 4-Port Wall Junction Box Wi-Fi Antenna is concealed within a standard three-gang electrical box. The antenna’s cover plate looks like a standard junction box cover, providing building managers, IT network operators, and building architects with an aesthetically appealing Wi-Fi antenna that will blend into existing room décor for “out of sight” coverage and capacity. The antenna is designed to be installed within a dry wall cut-out where the 6’ leads can connect to a nearby access point. The directional antenna provides 0– 45 degree down tilt for excellent coverage and capacity in one or more rooms.
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Compatible Access Points: AP-514
Gain: 5/6 dBi
H-Beamwidth: 75º ± 15º
V-Beamwidth: 75º ± 15º
Aantal leads: 4, Dual Band
Gebruik: Binnen
Montage: Wall
Connector: RPSMA Plug (M, F)