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Co-Locating Mount for RPSMA Access Points and Co-Located Ventev & Aruba Antennas
Ventev’s TerraWave Co-Locating Mount is designed to simplify deployments and reduce cable loss by placing the access point and antenna inches apart. The mount consists of a baseplate that attaches directly to the AP and allows mounting on or above ceiling tiles, and an antenna mounting tray that articulates +/- 25 degrees for precise beam positioning. The locking screws lock and hold the antenna mounting tray in position so the antenna’s position will not drift and will not drift over time. The mount hosts all Aruba 100, 200, and 300 series indoor access points, Aerohive’s 121, 230, 330, and 390 access points, and Samsung’s 303e and 403e access points. The mount also hosts Ventev Antennas, and several Aruba antennas, including the ANT-48 and ANT-4x4-5314 antennas.
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