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802.11n/ac 2.4/5 GHz 6 dBi MIMO Outdoor Omnidirectional Wi-Fi Antenna with RPSMA Plug Connectors, 4-Pack
Ventev's TerraWave 6 dBi outdoor multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) omnidirectional Wi-Fi antenna is designed to operate enterprise class 802.11n MIMO access points. With dual-band leads, each of the four cables support both 2.4 and 5 GHz, making it an ideal and aesthetically pleasing antenna to support demanding outdoor applications in next generation IEEE 802.11n wireless communication systems. The rugged enclosure makes this antenna perfectly suited for use in a warehouse or manufacturing environment where it must withstand exposure to moisture and dust. Includes an L-Bracket for mast and/or wall mounting. Industrial beam clamps are available as an additional option. Every TerraWave antenna is covered by the Company’s two-year TerraNet warranty program.
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Behoort tot: Antennes | Omni | RPSMA
Onderdeel: 575525
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Type: MIMO Omnidirectional, 802.11ac, Multi-Band
Compatible Access Points: AP-514
Gain: 6 dBi
H-Beamwidth: 360
V-Beamwidth: 45/20
Aantal leads: 4, Dual Band
Gebruik: Binnen / Buiten
Montage: Wall and Mast/Pole
Connector: RPSMA Plug (M, F)
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