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6 WiFi antenna cable-240 low loss RPTNC F RPTNC M
For wireless networking professionals demanding value and availability, VENTEV's 6 ft Reverse Polarity TNC Female – Reverse Polarity TNC Male antenna extension cable uses TWS-240 series low loss / RG type cable. It is terminated with high performance 50 Ohm RF connectors and weatherproofed with heat shrink. An excellent cable assembly choice for connecting Wi-Fi APs and antennas. Built by a manufacturer-certified technician, this Wi-Fi antenna extension is tested prior to shipment for 100% customer satisfaction and guaranteed performance.
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Behoort tot: Kabels | Cable assemblies | LMR240
Onderdeel: 503876
Garantie: 1 Jaar
Lengte: 1.82meter
Connector: RPTNC Jack (F, M) to RPTNC Plug (M, F)
Type: Standard
Serie: LMR240