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2.4/5GHz 6/7dBi Wi-Fi Directional (H:82/75, V:72/60) Antenna with 6 RPSMA Connectors
Ventev's 2.4/5 GHz 6 dBi high density Directional Antenna is designed to operate with any manufacturer's six-lead WLAN access points. The antenna's gain and directional beam delivers on the modern user demand for high capacity connectivity. An articulating mount enables the antenna to position precisely where coverage is most needed, and comes with mounting hardware to support mast and/or wall mounting
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Behoort tot: Antennes | Patch | RPSMA
Onderdeel: 333918
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Type: MIMO Patch
Gain: 6/7 dBi
H-Beamwidth: 82/75
V-Beamwidth: 72/60
Aantal leads: 6, Dual Band
Gebruik: Binnen / Buiten
Montage: Wall and Mast/Pole
Connector: RPSMA Plug (M, F)