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2.4/5 GHz 6 dBi Small Form Factor Patch Wi-Fi Antenna with 4 Dual Band Leads, RPTNC Plug Connectors and Articulating Mount
Ventev’s Small Form Factor Patch Wi-Fi Antenna with Medium Strength Articulating Mount offers outstanding Wi-Fi performance in a small package with a rugged mounting solution. The antenna and mount combination are designed for use indoors or outdoors and are compatible with Cisco 2602e, 2702e, 3602e, 3702e, and 1850e access points. The mount articulates horizontally and vertically for a variety of mounting positions and can be installed on poles or walls. This antenna and mount combination ships both products in a single box.
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Behoort tot: Antennes | Patch | RPTNC
Onderdeel: 535265
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Type: 802.11ac, MIMO Patch, Multi-Band
Compatible Access Points: AIR-AP1852E, AIR-AP2802E, AIR-AP3802E, C9115AXE, C9120AXE
Gain: 6 dBi
H-Beamwidth: 80+/-10
V-Beamwidth: 90+/-10
Aantal leads: 4, Dual Band
Gebruik: Binnen / Buiten
Montage: Ceiling or Wall Mount
Connector: RPTNC Plug (M, F)