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12" x 10" x 6" Wi-Fi Basic White Enclosure w/ Solid Door, Latching Locks, Integrated Patch Antenna
The 12" x 10" x 6" White Enclosure with integrated patch antenna is constructed of polycarbonate plastic, making it a durable, extremely affordable solution. The enclosure features a solid door, latch locks and blank backplate. In addition, this enclosure has integrated antenna installed on a wing out panel inside the enclosure making it more compact to allow more efficient deployment of your AP. This NEMA 4X enclosure is intended for indoor or outdoor use to protect popular Wi-Fi access points from corrosion, dust, rain, extreme temperatures and unauthorized access or inadvertent contact with the controls and wiring located inside the enclosure.
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Behoort tot: Enclosures | Indoor/Outdoor |
Onderdeel: 508606
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Garantie: 2 jaar
Compatible Access Points: AIR-AP1562E, AIR-AP2802E, AIR-AP3802E, C9115AXE, C9120AXE
Geschikt voor: Binnen / Buiten
Montage: Wall and Mast/Pole
Materiaal: Polycarbonate
Locking: Latch Locks
Type deur: Solid